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Very good, well done Larry!

You have spoken your mind honestly on this statement, you never allowed the government and local news media to put a blindfold and ear plugs to control you...I'm tipping my hat on you!

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I want to live in a country where the governments don't try and micromanage my life. My government breaks every law ever made everyday, and they expect ME to not break an unconstitutional law? I look on my government as my enemy. Sad but true. I hate to say that but more than anyone, they have the power to screw me royally, for life. They would like nothing better than to toss me in jail, ruin my life, and break my spirit for breaking the most unjust law ever penned. Meanwhile my government buys hard drugs, sells hard drugs, and then turns around and arrests those who use those drugs. It's all about them getting every penny you earned and sucking you dry. My government is not my friend, they are the ones I need to protect myself against. They are my enemys, disguised as my ally.

I don't break any MORAL laws, more than I can say for my government. I will break any law I feel is an unjust law, and not feel bad about it, as long as it is not morally wrong to break that law.

I will probably leave my country at some point and go to Sweden. I am too disgusted with America. It's all about greed. People are thought of as cattle. Look at how much wasn't done for New Orleans after the Katrina disaster. If that would have happened in get the picture.
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