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Default Re: Phil Rudd fined

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Maybe we could even get used to taking responsibility for running our lives and grow up a bit?
That's a nice concept, but a certain percentage of the population is going to resist that, regardless if the means to self-destruction are legal or illegal. Government disability programs, for example, are basically a de-facto retirement program for drug addicts. People who are legitimately disabled usually have other programs to help, so government disability is a politer way of saying "I screwed up my health too much on drugs/alcohol/cigarettes so now I can't work, although I never did work much so I never paid into Social Security or health insurance, so now everyone else has to take care of me whether they want to or not." I say that knowing there there are some exceptions out there.

If someone's disability is due to self-abuse, I think they should at least be regularly tested for any kind of drug use and thrown off the program if they so much as smoke a cigarette.

Phil Rudd is a productive member of society using weed in the privacy of his own home. I am willing to look the other way in cases like this, even as I think these things should remain illegal.
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