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Default Re: Phil Rudd fined

It's good to have some real life stats, Andy. Thing is, without prohibition, some people who wouldn't have smoked will, and some who would have smoked, wouldn't. But without hard figures you can't work out how many would be in each group. That clarifies the issue more than any, even given the different social situation in each country.

Thing is, the forbidden fruit is sweetest. It's common for kids given responsibility young to grow up to be responsible adults. It's also well known how many kids who are kept tightly controlled to go ape once the shackles come off.

I wish they'd give us the responsibility. Sure, there would be a spike at first while the taste of "forbidden fruit" is still lingering but after not too long the novelty would wear off and people will become a little more mature, less shallow and more responsible.

As with kids, it's a fine line between too much and too little discipline and control. Whoever has the power needs to be alert enough to provide steering controls if needed, not to run on rigid ideologies.

You can't run your life on ideology - things change too quickly and if you're not moving forward, you go backwards (hence 10% vs 5%) ... it's impossible to stay put for very long - not in drumming, either. Life just isn't like that.
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