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Default Re: recording with 2 mics

Recording with only two mics will really make it tough to get a good sound. Especially two different type of mics. If you are doing casual just for fun recording then it will work ok, but if you want to make something a little better quality more mics would be a must.

Usually if only two mics are available and they are the same type, usually two condenser mics, then they are placed out in front (not real far out in front though) and slightly above the drums at a angle towards the drum. The mics themselves are set up very close to each other and I recommend pointing them so they form a 90 degree angle, so one side is pointed towards the left of the drums and the other is pointed towards the right. By panning the mics to left and right you achieve a stereo sound, which is a must for any decent drum sound. My audio engineering teacher always says "mono sucks", and for drums that really true.

If your using a third mic for the kick, then the mics should be set up stereo style again, but placed above the drums, pointed down towards the drums. The reason for placing the mic out in front of the drums in the earlier example was to pick up the kick, but if you have it separately miced then over head is a must. From here you can add a mic on the snare, and from there high hat, and lastly toms (only if you can mic all of them).

If purchasing another condenser is a problem, then I would recommend the 58 on the kick and the AKG as a overhead, over the center of the drums, maybe about a foot or so above your head, to really pic up the whole picture. A 58 isn't really designed to be used on a kick drum, but it will do if your just doing something for fun. The Shure SM52 is a really cool kick drum mic, a little more expensive though. They also make a PG52, which is cheaper but I don't know how much cheaper.

I hope this helped, and let us know how it sounds!
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