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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Does that include the laws that mandate the fitting of safety catches on cigarette lighters but regards the compulsory fitting of safety catches on guns as "unconstitutional"?
lol, I don't really know. I rank this under another type of law I'm not very fond of, which I refer to as the "protect us from ourselves because we're too stupid to operate things correctly and too irresponsible to keep them away from children" laws. Because some dimwit can't keep his lighter or gun away from kids or is too ignorant to know how to operate them, everyone is limited.

I think I should be free to buy a lighter or a gun without a safety catch if I desire.

The funny thing is, I'm actually quite a law abiding citizen. I don't smoke - anything! I'm generally well behaved. I just happen to think that many laws are unnecessarily restrictive. By nature, there is always going to be a struggle between individual freedom and the good of the community. I just tend to lean more toward the individual liberty side of the struggle.

Getting back to the original post, I know too many high-functioning people who smoke marijuana to believe it is the evil thing it's made out to be. People who have problems with drugs generally have problems, one aspect of which manifests as drug abuse.

I respect daredrummer's opinion, and I think it's better to CARE about stuff than to not give a crap. But my experience has lead to different beliefs.

I have to say, I love how respectful and open this forum is. Good discussion.
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