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matt's the man. i'm with sween and yakbutter on his power and creativity. i like his phrasing, coz he's always throwing in something unexpected.

berlioz: thanks for the link, and i'm with ya on jesus christ pose. i saw them live in bethlehem, pa for the badmotorfinger tour, and when jcp came on, i felt completely overwhelmed and engulfed by the music. had horrible seats, and seriously considered diving down the two levels into the sea of moshers below. and that was before the drinking started! ; ) luckily, my buddy held me back.

i, too, was disappointed with wellwater conspiracy. there were undeveloped "moments of mattness" in there, but mostly it was lowkey retro-rock, imho.

would love to hear him in a jazz setting. wonder what was going down with him music-wise at namm. he looks ferocious, for sure!
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