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Default Re: Phil Rudd fined

I understand your point there Larry, and in some cases I agree. A current example here in Idaho - there is a push to make tobacco leaf wrappers (like cigars are wrapped with) illegal because kids are using them to roll joints, and nobody actually uses them to make cigars. (Official spin, not my idea) So, who brought this new, horrible menace to the attention of the legislature? Representatives of the CIGAR industry. OF COURSE they don't want people to make their own cigars! I think this is a good example of what you are talking about.

But I'm not sure I agree when it comes to the initial criminalization of pot. Seems to me they would have just taxed the crap out of it for the maximum cash cow effect. But I wasn't there, and it's hard to say what lobbies held sway back then, and who was busy protecting their own interests..
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