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Originally Posted by daredrummer View Post
Obvioulsy the fine is not the worry, the worry is a teen doing drugs.
I'd be more worried about teens overdoing alcohol than pot. It's a much harder drug. Every now and then you get some study linking abuse of pot to mental illness. Hello? If you abuse ANYTHING it wrecks you - including food and water. For some reason society has difficulty parsing use and abuse. It's a pretty simple concept - be moderate in whatever you do.

I see no good reason for prohibition. It lines the pockets of organised crime, keeps the gaols full, pushes people seeking to enjoy the perfectly natural act of changing their mental state towards the underworld, unnecessarily ruins reputations and inhibits employment and travel opportunities, all while utterly failing in its objective. How long has the war on drugs been going? Decades. How much effect has it had? Nil - things are worse. How much does it cost us? Billions. How many young people die through unregulated supply (dirty or overly pure drugs)? Many.

Mind you, regulation instead of prohibition would probably cause economic hardship in Mexico and Colombia, although at least police and politicians might have a little more freedom to do their jobs without being killed.

Phil's conviction is a hideous waste of taxpayer's money for no good reason.
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