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Originally Posted by daredrummer View Post
While it may seem minor Pol, things like this can go a lot father than you think.

Say there's a 15 year old drummer who's idol was Phil. He found out Phil had been caught for possession of drugs, and he loses faith in his idol. Could even cause him to stop drumming.

Or it could have a even worse effect. Maybe the 15 year old kid thinks, "Hey Phil Rudd is an awesome drummer, and he smokes pot, so why shouldn't I?"

Fact is it's illegal, and it's illegal for a reason. It creates bad health, promotes a bad influence, and can harm other people physically as well. Now I realize 25 grams isn't a lot, so the third statement is probably irrelevant, but it doesn't matter if it's 1 gram or 1000, it's against the law and he was rightly punished.
What if a young drummer sees his idol booked for travelling at 65 in a 60 zone? Speeding is illegal too.

If this scenario promted a young drummer to "give up" or to think "hey speeding (pot, whatever you choose) is cool, I think I'll do it too", then I'd argue that the young drummer has a lot more to worry about than paying a fine.

These guys play music mate, that doesn't automatically make them a role model.

My musical "idols" died of drug and alcohol overdoses, blew up hotel rooms, smashed tv's, drove Rolls Royces into swimming pools, slept with underage women 6 at a time.....the list goes on and on. I've never been prompted to follow their lead nor have I wanted to give up disheartened because of it.

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