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Default Re: Music's deadliest genre

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Another possible outcome is that people consider the issue in all its nuance, think about it a while, and come to conclusions that are entirely different than yours.
I'm happy for that to be the case, people are welcome to disagree with anything I say.

I know the media where you are is different to the media here, but the media I was referring to was the news and print media like papers, news broadcasts and even current affairs shows.

I wasn't really referring to reality television, though Polly made a good point about that.

How the public views the news here in Australia is almost completely controlled by a few men who have risen to the top of the capitalist dog pile to own every notable private media outlet.

Cable is a lot less common here in Australia, 95% or more of the people just watch free to air, and there are a lot less channels.
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