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Default Re: Music's deadliest genre

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
People can't wait to be on these shows and other people can't wait to watch them. And, in all fairness, some, like Intervention, genuinely try to help them or at least understand them. I think many of these shows, far from encouraging decent and normal folks to "hate" their subjects, actually promote tolerance and acceptance. But tolerance and acceptance aren't necessarily good things, like for self-destruction, antisocial behavior, neglect of children, drug use, sex addiction and so on. I don't hate these people (although I wish some would get their act together and become productive members of society) but I may hate their behavior.

I only half-jokingly say the Lifetime Channel should be renamed The Screwed-Up People Channel.
Getting way off the original topic, but

I think some of the obsession people have with bad tv (and I'm not one of them) is people are drawn to seeing other people's lives are more screwed up than their own.

When I was a wee little one, TV seemed to sanitized, projecting a word that is perfect. Happy Days, Leave it to Beaver re-runs, and such all portrayed that when you grow up, life is pretty good. Problems are minor, can all be solved in a 1/2 hour.

Then you grow up, and reality sets in that life isn't so picture perfect. Be it finding a job, dealing a lay off, not liking your job, living life in a cubicle or whatever, getting dumped, death of a loved one, war, politics, etc.

I think may people get this feeling that, wow, my life is screwed up because it's not that perfect TV life.

So they tune in and watch a freak show to realize, wow, as bad as stuff is, at least I'm not that bad. Or, hey, that person may be a famous TV/Movie/Music celebrity living a life I can only dream of, but they have real life problems too.

At least that is my theory. I could be wrong.

As for Bonham, yes, he was irresponsible to drink that much, but he did not deliberately kill himself. His death was accidental, compared to say Kurt Cobain or even Layne Staley who engaged in a drug that is know to kill off most of it's users.
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