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Default Re: Music's deadliest genre

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
I'm sure there's nothing more joyous than being held up as a celebrity freak show. They'll encourage people to be as freaky as possible so they can encourage decent, normal folk to fear and hate them - or to love them in the same way as they love looking as a car crash, which is much the same thing. If the person dies, all the better - adds that bit of drama.
People can't wait to be on these shows and other people can't wait to watch them. And, in all fairness, some, like Intervention, genuinely try to help them or at least understand them. I think many of these shows, far from encouraging decent and normal folks to "hate" their subjects, actually promote tolerance and acceptance. But tolerance and acceptance aren't necessarily good things, like for self-destruction, antisocial behavior, neglect of children, drug use, sex addiction and so on. I don't hate these people (although I wish some would get their act together and become productive members of society) but I may hate their behavior.

I only half-jokingly say the Lifetime Channel should be renamed The Screwed-Up People Channel.
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