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Default Re: Phil Rudd fined

Originally Posted by Ian Williams View Post
Phil, mate! pull the plug on Kiwi-land and let it sink...;-) It seems that the police put up on a good show on you!
Ian, it's weird. The Kiwis are normally the most relaxed, informal people you'll ever meet. This incident is sooo at odds with the impression I had when I holidayed there.

The stupidity of this bust amazes me. Think of the money spent in prosecuting this case ... police wages, clerical staff, the magistrate, court admin, records, IT ... thousands. All to bust a harmless old rock star who likes to chill with a bit of herb. The losers - Phil and the NZ taxpayer. The winners - the cop, the lawyers, the court staff (who get easy money for a low pressure non-issue), journalists and proselytising politicians. Funny thing, whenever you do these sums, lawyers, journalists and politicians always seem to be in the winners column.

I don't really favour official legalisation for the same reason as Jim mentioned - better to be a laissez faire "prohibition".

Vince, I'd better stop now or people won't be able to tell us apart :)

INOG, not sure how old you are but I can vouch for the fact that people over 50 like to enjoy themselves too.
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