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The last statement of the press release really cracked me up (Playing Russian Roulette With The Law), give me a break. I personally believe in the legalization of it, my only problem with legalizing it here in the states would be the fact that the government would then be involved in the regulation of it and eventually screw it all up like everything else they touch. I personally no longer smoke and have not for many, many years, however, I certainly do not have a problem with someone burning one every now and then for their own personal use. To me it is like alcohol, done in moderation, I don't believe is an issue. I hope the conviction will not prevent him from entering certain countries. I had my AC/DC cover days and still like rockin out to them when the time is right. We still get the hot girls requesting a good Dirty Deeds cover, hard to sometimes turn it down when a lit hotty on the dance floor is requesting that.
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