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Default Re: Music's deadliest genre

Originally Posted by Frost View Post
... stereotyping, while metal has a fashion, not everyone passionate about it wears it. Not everyone acts like the media portrays they will either, though in all honesty, metal is pretty non-existent in the media. The only time it will get coverage is if there is something stereotypically negative, like a huge fight at a sell out concert.

... Cynically, if you want to look at why these stereotypes get reinforced, by moderating public opinion to the point people start to pigeonhole each other and conform, it makes target advertising and selling product much easier.
Yep, the media loves to stereotype any group who's deemed "different" and it's always a huge oversimplification - and ultimately a misrepresentation. Still, it's great for group bonding against the common enemy, which of course shifts units - "goodly people like us" against the evil outsiders.

For whatever reason it feels good to demonise "out groups" and feel all superior ... hey, we're doing it right now and it feels pretty good :)
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