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Default Re: Ludwig 26" Blue Sparkle

My snares:

Pearl Sensitone Elite Brass 5.5x14

Ludwig Supraphonic 6.5x14

Emperor coated on the supra, coated reverse CS on the Pearl. I just picked up the Pearl and I love these snares. The supraphonic obviously is a beast. It's just got so much ringy character. The Pearl is a joy, especially for a more focused hit. It's got a nice ring too but it's definitely more mellow. I got brass Puresound wires, I believe the 24 or 30 strand, on the supra which gives it more rattle and I love how the kick sounds with all those strands. Right now I just need a good wood snare, 6.5x14 to round out the 2 metal ones I have.

Got some good gigs coming up in April. I'll take good stage pics of the kit including cymbals and update this thread then!
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