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Default Re: Music's deadliest genre

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
As for John Bonham, ask his young son what it was like growing up without a dad because his dad choked on vomit partying in a motel room. Was his marriage that bad? If you have a public life, you have a public death. They are free to destroy themselves and others are free to discuss it.

As for whether or not they fit the definition of "tortured" and how it plays into their creativity, I just have to shrug on that. If they enjoy family, fame, fortune and creative expression and still work hard to destroy themselves, then that leads me to judge their life negatively. Maybe their creative work still stands but I and others may ridicule them personally for their their gluttony, stupidity and lack of control. Sometimes we collectively do that in advance in a really egregious case, like Charlie Sheen.
I can't relate to judgements based on "what about the children"? For some reason everything must revolve around child welfare. Children are ostensibly incredibly coddled and protected on some levels. Yet the second they reach 18 and put a foot out of line - stuff 'em, let the stupid bastards die (maybe that's 14-16 ... when they become obnoxious teens).

Until we pass that magic line, it's all kindness and care ... ostensibly. Meanwhile most people blithely accept public policy that kills masses of young people and jeopardises their futures so as to satisfy our own greed, gluttony, blood lust or moral peccadilloes.

If you're interested in ethics, parsing the public and personal is difficult so I give people the benefit of the doubt and, as much as possible, accept that stuff happens since we're all flawed humans. That goes for Republicans and incompetent artists alike lol. I guess I see too clearly through the walls of my house to throw too many stones.

In the light of all that, a Dad who's gluttonous / embarrassing and dies early is generally judged harshly based on the premise, "what about the children?". Yet if he's shown love to the child, already secured the family's financial security, and hasn't assaulted, molested, verbally abused, gambled away the family home, etc then he's done better than many other fathers. So IMO Bonzo did okay as a Dad, not great, but okay . That includes Charlie Sheen. Stuff happens, and included in the definition of "stuff" is human frailty. Included in the definition of "human frailty" is the selective judgement we apply to child welfare. So it goes.

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
Trust me, Polly, I knew I was grasping at straws with that last post!

There should have been a hint of sarcasm in there.
No sh**, Sherlock? :) Guess you had to say that hehehe

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
That's deep. And I think for some people, avoiding that ending is what drives some to party long after they should stop.
That's definitely how some see it. Most of us fear slowly wasting away more than wearing out through overuse. Yet fear of the immediacy of death usually results in the former outcome.

The hope is always to hang in there for as long as you can and then to fall off the perch relatively quickly and painlessly. That's a nice gig if you can swing it ...
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