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Default Re: Music's deadliest genre

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Some may have produced dark art but if that was the pattern I would have noticed. It's not that cut-and-dried.

What about Keith Richards? Remarkable quantities of input and remarkably upbeat output.

Or Duane Allman (died in a crash but was a very heavy user). John Bonham. Tim Buckley. Bon Scott. Rick Grech. The list could go on ... none fit your description.
Of course it's not an all-inclusive list - I said as much in the post. I neglected to mention there are plenty of exceptions. Also, self-destructive tortured artist types need not have a baleful streak. John Bonham, Bon Scott and others who choked on their vomit, overdosed, fell out of windows or died in other comically tragic ways all fit my description of brilliant artists who have some combination of stupidity/weakness/gluttony/etc. that kills them young.
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