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Default Re: Music's deadliest genre

Originally Posted by Frost View Post
This is a personal favorite, don't feel obliged to listen to it but it is relatively different to the link you posted,

I also agree on not being able to regularly listen to it. I can't have it playing 24/7, it is very oppressive, and relating back to the thread, it's plain to see why there are so many genre suicides
Hoo boy. Another tune that puts the "go" into "gothic". On the plus side, this is not music a person could play when wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and that can only be a good thing :)

Interesting that the players seem to be playing Russian Roulette with their emotional state by specialising in that genre.

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
Wow. I love some dark depressing music, but that stuff even goes to far for me.
I know what you mean. I've put up with depression all my life (done the meds, have the post card) and I have a soft spot for dark music. When you have the blues, dark music is calming. It feels a bit like talking with someone who says, "Yeah, I get it".

It's weird the way music is becoming so specialised, perhaps it's a reflection of - as I said in another thread - the increasingly Taylorist world in which we live ... this person puts on the bolt, this person tightens the bolt, this one sprays on the lacquer that holds the bolt on, etc. It ain't natural. Humans are natural polymaths - we can do so much - yet we're forced into these little boxes. And we buy into it! (or maybe can't fight city hall)

I mean, why should bands just play doom? Why not skip the metal side at times and do something ambient, or in other songs pick up the tempo and vibe - even if just a little. I've played really dark music before - and loved it - but it always had a touch of cynical amusement in there as well.

I've attached a track from my old gothic/weird band and I remember doing a major ham up of dramatic heavy parts and getting our guitarist to crack up. Everything we did was dark. We even managed to darken The Beatles's Birthday :) But it was always eclectic. I really miss the eclecticism of the old bands.

The attached recording was from a rehearsal on a cheap cassette player in 1980, converted to MP3 about 10 years ago, so the sound quality is iffy.

We should start a post in the Your Playing area - "Post Your Dark, Depressing Music" :)
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