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I think he is the best drummer ever, in his own way. This might seem outlandish, but it comes from him being my first exposure to a superstar drummer, yet that impression persists through today. He's like a machine, inhuman almost with his precision. Such an inspiration to me as well. I remember being little and listening to the solo on Tom Sawyer, and just thinking, that's how a rock solo should sound. I was in absolutely awe, and that was the first time for me being in awe at a drummer He can play the simplest thing, and make it sound totally out of this world. I don't know how he does it. Like the sixteenth notes on the solo in Tom Sawyer, the ghost notes in YYZ (I don't know exactly where), and mostly, his choice of fills and where he puts them. It all seems so perfect, like he knows exactly what's going on. It's so cool.
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