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Default Re: Japan's Earthquake

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
He does have a point. I think they'll need houses to put their drums back in first though really...
Yeah, I think they're just a bit busy in the rescue and recovery efforts. The news says there is nothing moving over there. No trains, planes, and roads are damaged beyond repair. I was told Tokyo Disneyland was basically housing about 70,000 guests giving out blankets and keeping them in the resort because there's really no where for them to go. Even in the city, when the quake hit in the afternoon, everyone was at work, there's still alot of people who haven't been able to get home or call loved ones. It'll take several days to ascertain the extent of damage. When Nature decides to show us who's really in control, I think Japan can be forgiven for not taking care of regular business for a while.