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Default Re: Music's deadliest genre

Originally Posted by Frost View Post
Not a bad suggestion, but I don't imagine that performance analysis is very beautiful.

For some people beauty resides in nothingness, one might claim that a devotion to the impossible is an expression of pure beauty.

Most funeral doom lyrics I've read have dealt with wishing to resolve personal conflict, usually focalized from the perspective of emptiness and despair.

The music itself tends to be very minimalistic, but with tons of atmosphere.

The downside is that in order to perfect that kind of music, you usually need some serious stuff going on for inspiration.
Just checked out some funeral doom.

Very strange music! I liked the start, which would be perfectly suited to a horror film score. Is it possible to be more gothic? I think not. The growls didn't annoy me the way metal growls normally do because they just came across like weird keyboard effects as much as anything. Later on it just sounded like modern Black Sabbath augmented by a keyboard choir.

All that poignant Nordic melancholy (that's what too much crap weather will do to you). I don't think I could handle a regular diet of that music - it really is wrist-slashing stuff. I concede it's much more beautiful than business analysis ... but, then again, everything is :)
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