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Default Re: Music's deadliest genre

Originally Posted by alex19 View Post
i dont think anyone is having a go at you, i find it to be the other way around judging by how your posts come across to me.
1. What posts have you read of mine?
- I've only made one post per thread and that was giving my opinion on something, I've never given "opinion" on anything other than my kit or someone else's finish.

To be honest there have been times when I've said exactly what's needed to answer an OP's question but one of the more "established" members did it after and took the credit.

its a discussion on the internet, take it easy.
2. "Take it easy" assumes I need to calm down.
My posts have not been anything near angry, they've been discussions.

I have done nothing wrong, I'm here to talk drums and discuss stuff.
Unless I have good need to calm down, don't assume I'm angry please people!!
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