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He's great (as an influence to the SPEED Metal dudes, as already said here... his biggest influences are probably the double-bass at the end-part of ANGEL OF DEATH and his fast-as-hell beats and hits of NECROPHOBIC, for these reasons). But his soloing at The Modern Drummer 2000 was kinda... uhhh ehhr "flat...", very UNinspirational, I'd say... there's nothing more one could say after watching Colaiuta at the same fest... Dave's good but certainly NOT a god... he's NOT THAT fast anymore... the bar was up-raised way too high by many xtreme metal drummers of today.. just a FACT... lightning-fast double-bass work is no Dave's sole privilege anymore... although I still dig his attitude and the fact the he's never took any formal musical education and played everything by the ears... he was also great in SLAYER for songs like SEASONS IN THE ABYSS, SILENT SCREAM, MANDATORY SUICIDE, WAR ENSEMBLE and all of his fast SPEED(!) Metal material with the band... - as much as with FANTOMAS and TESTAMENT... great drummer, but certainly not a "Master". Just wanted you to know that I'm also an old SLAYER fanATIC... that kind of maniac who memorizes every single note and lyrics of every single song of the band... :p

p.s. Oh... and just to remind you... Dittohead is NOT Dave's song... it's a part of Paul Bostaph's EXCELLENT times in Slayer.. times of the excellent (drum-wise, and NOT just as such) DIVINE INTERVENTION, the HEAVY Diabolus In Musica and the violent God Hates Us All. They both (Dave-&-Paul) are highly ranked in my personal Metal book.

- Ivo

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