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Default Re: Band wives and female patrons

Originally Posted by Jim Mattingly View Post
I actually quit a band once because of the bass players wife. She thought she was a percussionist/backup singer. She would literally (no lie) come up on stage with whatever her percussion instrument of choice was at that time, and stand by my kit trying, and I mean trying to play along with the song. You know it would not have been so bad if she wasn't so tone deaf and if she had even an inkling of rhythm. She would almost always throw me off me a little and I would have to concentrate hard not to listen to her. And it would not have even been that bad if she was a smokin babe, the fact that she looked like a horse was very detrimental to the band. I let it go on for a couple of months in hopes that in talking to her husband about it and the two guitarists and myself just could not handle it any longer. This by the way happened at practices also, and she would critique every instrument being played, except of course her husbands. She has calmed down a bit but the last time I saw his band play she was right back up there, my wife and I were busting out laughing..
That is totally unacceptable. The bass player should have known better. Either that or his wife just runs over him all the time and he is too afraid to say no. We had a girfriend of the guitarplayer who tried singing with us, but she was so off-key at one gig that she was not invited back. It created some strain, but it had to be done.
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