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Default Re: Help brady get a new drum kit...

Originally Posted by brady View Post
Yes, Polly is wise beyond her years. That insight is making the decision tougher.

I like the 50/50 compromise idea though. Half the cheese...great idea.
Actually, I'm around the age where the young of the tribe bring offerings of dead animals and the like in exchange for the benefits of experience.

Homularis's 50/50 pickup is sharp. And Spectron makes a good point - I'd even consider wearing a dress and makeup too for a photo shoot if it meant getting the ideal instrument upgrade.

Good that it seems the poses won't be embarrassing ... I'm wondering about lemons and lemonade. Any chance you guys could get this thing a bit original, arty and creative?

My guess is your wife's friend has this tacky, schmaltzoid, hyper-sentimental cheese thing and it wasn't the tack that attracted your wife to the idea, but the romance of it all. Thing is, just because most romance is done with bucket-worthy mindlessness, it doesn't necessarily follow that romantic art must be uncreative, cliched and designed to appeal to a Mills and Boon mentality.

The key is honesty. Rather than superimposing your personalities onto a hoary old cliche, as per so many couple portraits do, you can find a way to subtly convey/express what is unique to your relationship within a genre of art that for the most part demands cliche. It's a lot harder to be real, of course, in the same way as it's harder to be honestly expressive in music than it is to pump out stuff that everyone else has done.
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