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Default Re: Help brady get a new drum kit...

Originally Posted by Spectron View Post
I thought this thread was going to be a donation to paypal for you or something
and I was actually going to donate!

Now I'm disappointed....

are you going to sell your current kit?
BTW what is your current kit?

yeah go for it - I'd wear a dress and makeup
and pose like a retarded ostrich
for a new kit....

if I wanted a new kit that is - it just happens that I am pretty satisfied with the kit I have - although i go through cymbals like nobodies business...haha
Far be it from me to turn down a donation if you really had your heart set on it. Minimum donations are $1000. Thanks in advance. ;-)

My wife was afraid the lameness of the pics were being exaggerated. She promises the poses will not be anything to embarass me. I must say that makes the decision a little easier.

BTW, my current kit is a Swingstar. I'll keep it for an extra practice kit or the occasional gig where others may share the kit.
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