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Default Re: Kicking out our bassist

Since you asked, here goes:

I have no trouble calling these guys hicks or hillbillies or whatever. Trying to put something back in the community by playing with some musicians at two nursing homes, I was invited to sit in with three guitar players, a bassist, and a piano player. The piano player I was - up until last week - a member of. her group More about that later.

After playing two weekend gigs with these guys, one of the guitar players - who was very good, and his obnoxious buddy a - AGAIN - bass player invited me over jam. Ok, sure. I'll jam with these two older guys and hope I can pick something up along the way. To make a very long story short, after about an hour with these guys I knew I wasn't going to jell at all. The guitar player was very good and very nice and accomodating. His short, fat obnoxious buddy who claimed to have toured with (insert any international C and W star here) was a complete jerk who did everything short of telling me how to hold the drum sticks.

I politely left after about an hour making the excuse I had to pick up my kids. The obnoxious jerk called the next day and said they were really exicted about the band and wanted to know when I can start gigging. I told him politely I wasn't interested and he rambled on for 30 minutes trying to convince me to join up and "make a lot of money".

And another story with the piano player...I spent two years in the band and after putting up with playing in nursing homes, shit houses, coffee bars and church venues and not so much as making or even being offered gas money, have decided to call it quits. They ain't goin' nowhere! So, it's in my own best interest to leave on good terms and take back 4 hours of my weekends I spent on rehearsals.
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