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Default Re: Help brady get a new drum kit...

Brady, is there any reason why she wants it to be so cheesy? Have you provided a more stylish option? Have you spelled out the advantages of a portrait in which you are both happy and comfortable?

I don't get it. Why go to the time and expense of having a portrait done with deliberately lame poses? It sounds willful. Wouldn't it make more sense to work out poses that bring out your true characters? Isn't that what a portrait is supposed to do? If not, you could always buy a good camera.

Or is she wanting to make you suffer to show just how much you love her? Does she have a friend who's had a cheesy hubby/wifey portrait done?

If you can't reach a compromise then go through with it and get your dream kit. It's no biggie. Don't pay attention to Abe's idealism; he's probably just having a little episode :P There are no principles involved here unless you want to live as an ascetic. After all, don't all but the luckiest of us do things we dislike doing for money? And isn't this, in the end, about money?
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