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Default Re: Band wives and female patrons

Originally Posted by Muckster View Post
Yep, innocent enough, but with the wife going redneck, that only invites more trouble. What bar crowd doesn't love a cat fight? Of course, the singer could have done the old "why thank you, but i'm happily married" routine after the cheek kiss. Since you said this happend a couple of times before tells me that he likes seeing the wife get riled up (just my opinion).

That's between him and his wife. Stay out of it.
I think that's a good analysis and good advice.

Every band has baggage: some of the members are ugly, chonrically late, boozers, distractible, you name it. In this case, part of your baggage is a psycho band wife. There is nothing anyone in the band can do about it, including the singer. I have some friends who cannot have a female in the band because the wives would freak.

This is going to sound mean, but the truth is: You need to find a new lead singer. As long as the wife does this - and you can bet she won't miss a gig from now on - you will play with a singer under great stress and the real possibility that a bomb could explode anytime at a gig. You just can't have that.

That, and offering condolences, are about the only things you can do. That will also leave this singer fellow to work out the issue with his wife, without the complication of him actually being in a band.

The wife has said, in so many words: "I feel really, really negative about my husband being in this band and I don't want him in this band. I will make things very, very difficult for you all if he stays in this band."
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