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Default Re: Cool School Project Please Help!

Originally Posted by toddbishop View Post
He's the guy who said Cecil Taylor "could've achieved an equivalent effect using a sledgehammer", or something like that. A lot of people wouldn't disagree, but you want your writers to look a little deeper than that, so I never read him much. You could attack his shortcomings, but you might learn more if you try to figure out what he did know, and write about that.
Yeah I have never liked his criticism so much. There certainly wasn't much objectivity there and he was as close minded as they come. Nowadays he reads more like a tabloid. But I was thinking that if this is about the Feather Archives, then it would be cool to center on the icons that crossed Feather's path during that time and whose stuff might be found there. Nothing wrong with learning more about Holiday, Vaughn and Young.
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