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Default Re: Homogenous Blend A Must-Family>Music>Career

About 20 years ago the band I had started up decided to disband. The only quirk here is that they then decided to reform with a new name, without me. So essentially I was shuffled out of the lineup without being directly told as such. The reason? Because I was a few years older than my bandmates, and I was married. And to top it off, my wife went into labor with our first child the night we were supposed to play at a bandmember's house party (not even a paid gig).

I was pretty upset about this so I decided to put the sticks down for a few years while I concentrated on my family. It wasn't until my two daughters were a little older that I got back in the saddle again. Now my kids are 17 and 20 and I'm involved with two bands, playing 2-3 times a week. All this amongst my other hobbies. Unfortunately my wife does not have any real hobbies (watching TV and gambling at the casino don't count - LOL). Fortunately she is okay with my band committments (one is at church, and she goes with me anyway). Every once in a while it may get to be a tad too much for her so I have to back off. Just this week I had to tell the band I couldn't make practice because it was my daughter's birthday and we wanted to take her out to dinner. They all understood.
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