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Default Re: Kicking out our bassist

Originally Posted by Hercules View Post
I'm surprised there aren't more "sack the lead git player" stories - aren't they the primadonnas of the music world?
you asked for it, you got it!

i had to fire our former lead guitarist a few months ago. what an idiot! when we first brought him in he was telling us all these stories about how he was a "pro" and knew every song ever written. i was thinking great, that's just what we need! but after a couple rehearsals it became clear that he was an idiot. i took him up on his claim to know all these songs, but it turned out that he didn't really know much of anything. his definition of knowing a song was more like he could play a few of the chords. he really didn't know the structure of any song. i'd tell him we all need to agree on a structure for a song, even a loose structure, and stick to it, but he wanted to wing everything. apparently that's what he did when he played his solo gigs, which in that situation doesn't matter that much, but in a band everyone has to agree on how the songs go. half the time he couldn't play the songs he suggested. for example, he suggested we play "dream on" and "sweet child of mine" because he "knew" those songs, but he couldn't play the intro to either of those songs to save his life, and he couldn't be bothered to learn them either. he never worked on anything at home. what finally pissed me off beyond the point of no return was the day he told me he couldn't come to practice unless we paid him because he was a "pro" and for him "time is money". i said ok, great, don't bother coming to practice. in fact, don't ever come again, you're fired! he got really mad and called me a bunch of names, but it was worth it! what an idiot!
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