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Default Re: Homogenous Blend A Must-Family>Music>Career

Originally Posted by Jim Mattingly View Post
I would like to think that most of us would make the choices you have, I know I would have. When it comes down to it, family should always and has to come first. It does tend to take a big toll when playing every weekend. When I started back into it and my kids were still fairly young I limited my gigs to one maybe two a month. Now that the kids are in college and gone I am good to go for three to four weekends a month. So, if you can hang in there it will come back, that is of course if you want to gig that much. The money is not an issue for me to be honest but yes it is nice to get paid doing something you love. We also do quite a few benefit gigs and maybe 2-3 festivals during the summer. I thorougly support doing valid benefit gigs but only if I personally believe in the cause. I have also been doing some filling in for some other bands, so you can really stay busy if you want to. My wife goes to practically every gig I play, even when I tell her she does need to if she doesn't. Great to have her by my side man...Good luck and god bless..
I have two grown kids as well as a 7 year old granddaughter plus a soon to be 13 year old autistic son.....and I'm almost 59!
I'm lucky is that my son has a half-sister who will watch him for us while I go play a gig. My wife follows me to every gig except for one place we play and I can't much blame her for not going. I don't really care for the place either but the money is good and the rest of the band wants to play it.
If I'm asked to play a benefit or fill in for a drummer friend, I'll do it as I have done in the past. One of the best gigs I ever played was for a nursing home. No money....just the joy in the faces of the older people on walkers and in wheel chairs!!! No amount of money can replace that!

Most folks priorities change as they age.....I know mine have! I look at my life and tell myself that if I'm blessed, I may live another 20 years. But that is if I start taking care of myself!

As much as I love to play the drums in a live situation and watch people move to the beat I'm laying down, if my health takes a turn for the worse...or....if I'm not having fun, I'll retire and be content to play along with my MP3 player at home. Good luck to you and God bless!
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