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Default Re: Homogenous Blend A Must-Family>Music>Career

Originally Posted by daredrummer View Post
This is why I don't want to become a famous record selling touring drummer.
Wow, 15 year old drummer doesn't want to become famous???

Although I'm just in my teens, I know that a family and a good career is in my future.
While I love drumming, it's simply not worth devoting all my time to, throughout my life. There are so many things to do and experience in this world, and I can't see myself limiting myself to drumming.
I hope that with my career (astronomy I hope. Nerd, right? :p), I still have time to play drums and play with friends, as this is something I love doing, but I won't sacrifice a family and a bright future, due to some wood and some bronze. :p

(Just kidding on that last reference, don't want to start a angry mob here...)
Nothing wrong at all with what you desire, most of us do. If we were all rock stars and there were no weekend warriors it would be pretty boring. This is a great way to have fun and do what you love {playing drums}, it is my sanity check for sure.
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