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Default Re: Homogenous Blend A Must-Family>Music>Career

Originally Posted by ddrumman2004 View Post
I have quit playing twice, once when my young son's mom's cancer got worse and her eventual death. I was out of the business for a year and half then started back in late 2003.

I met my current wife in 04 and she backs me 100% in my playing. I quit again for personal reasons in 2006. I wanted to spend time with my wife and son and do things we couldn't do due to my playing every darn weekend! The every weekend gigs began to take a toll on me as well and I have had some major health problems. My health is more important to me than playing drums every weekend.

I started back in March of 2010 with the backing of my wife but I will only commit to twice a month playing. I will not let making music on the weekends prevent me from spending time with family.

The extra money is nice but I can live without it.
I would like to think that most of us would make the choices you have, I know I would have. When it comes down to it, family should always and has to come first. It does tend to take a big toll when playing every weekend. When I started back into it and my kids were still fairly young I limited my gigs to one maybe two a month. Now that the kids are in college and gone I am good to go for three to four weekends a month. So, if you can hang in there it will come back, that is of course if you want to gig that much. The money is not an issue for me to be honest but yes it is nice to get paid doing something you love. We also do quite a few benefit gigs and maybe 2-3 festivals during the summer. I thorougly support doing valid benefit gigs but only if I personally believe in the cause. I have also been doing some filling in for some other bands, so you can really stay busy if you want to. My wife goes to practically every gig I play, even when I tell her she does need to if she doesn't. Great to have her by my side man...Good luck and god bless..
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