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Originally Posted by Toza View Post
Hi Donny I have question about Time, sound and Form exercise. When you play grooves that don't have snare on only 2 and 4
grooves like this
so in this third part of exercise (after cymbals) i play this groove with every snare hit or only i hit on 2 and 4 and play kick part as it goes?
Hey Toza,
I suppose that would be up to you. Originally, I developed the time, sound and form exercises for backbeat based grooves. However, there is nothing to say that you couldn't apply these same principles of the excercise (the snare/kick, snare/kick/cymbals, 1 handed 16ths and 8th grooves) alongside your non-standard (I.e. non- 2 & 4 based) grooves.

If you do decide to move forward - please send me some transcriptions. I would love to see how you elaborated on these concepts. Best of luck!
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