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Default Re: Kicking out our bassist

Originally Posted by inneedofgrace View Post
That's why I think age makes a big difference. In my band, we are all between 45-55 years old, and we have no superegos because we think we are going to make it big. We all have our day jobs and careers, and the band is a way to have fun and earn some supplemental cash. All but one of us are in more than one band too. That does not mean we take it lightly - we practice long and hard. And we are all on the same page as far as direction for the band. But we realize the limitiation of what we are doing, and that we aren't going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone or going on tour across the world playing to sold out arenas. However, we can rock a couple hundred people at a time!
The youngest player in our band is 49. I'm 58 and the bass player is 59. The guys I speak of are in their 50s as well and still have ego problems.

Only one of those with the ego problem is still playing but he has to smoke his pot and drink his gin and by the end of the night, he can barely stand up, much less sing and play guitar. Sad really as he is as good as Eric Clapton or any other guitar player...when sober!

We play local VFW and country bar and grill, once a month, every month and for now I'm enjoying it. When the enjoyment stops, I'll quit and retire from it.

I tell folks that a band is only as good as the worst player in group. No matter what, you can't make a bad player sound good.
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