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Default Re: Kicking out our bassist

Originally Posted by Hercules View Post
Oh yes - and I wish I could tell it all, but this bit might suffice......

I used to play with a person (let's call them "X") who was actually a very good musician, but after I while I got sick of hearing (from X) how good X was and how X should be playing with various jazz greats etc..... one day during a practice session X said that "if he had the money" he'd get a top class jazz drummer and bass player to play on his album.... (Oh now I've given away that "X" is male - o dear).....

Hmmm I thought.... as I was drumming and engineering (at the same time) and providing the studio to mix/master the album that didn't go down real well with me.......

When "X" said that he should be invited to play at the local jazz festival and wouldn't even go to audition (in fact, he wouldn't even go to watch!!) that was enough for me. "X" was politely advised that he should find another drummer.

- and it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.... ;-)

Yes, I have met a few people like "X" in my time. There always going on about how great "X" is, but then they repeatedly screw up a solo for weeks at a time and then "X is just having a bad day" or "X is really more of a rhythm guitarist than a soloist", even though that's the reason "X" was brought into the band in the first place.

Don't get me wrong: I make mistakes all the time, but I at least I own up to them and try not to repeat them. It's never "X's" fault.

Oh, and "X" has played with all these different bands over the years and could play with anyone in town right now, so you should feel privileged that "X" is playing with you. Hey "X", show don't tell....mmkay?
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