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Default Re: Homogenous Blend A Must-Family>Music>Career

Originally Posted by chapsman View Post
I feel you, Jim. Every relationship is different. I gave up a lot more than music for my wife and we still ended up divorced. My new wife is awsome. She's the one that motivated me to start playing again. She doesn't mind if I'm in a band as long as I host practices. We have young kids and they all like to rock when I'm playing even when it's by myself or along with music from my ipod over loud speakers. Kinda fun to watch my 2 year old dance.

I'm one of those you would be hesitant about...I know this and thats why it will be a while before I'll be willing to start/join a serious group and look for gigs. But it is definately a future goal. For me, there was nothing like playing with a talented group of friends where we all clicked...personality wise and most of all, musically. That groove we all feel where nothing else seems to exist but sound of our music and the crowd digging it.

I miss it. But my priorities are securing my family's future. I've been fortunate and we're close, but for now the few people I play with is just for mutual fun.
Thanks for the reply. I feel ya. Although both my kids are now in college I remember when they would come and watch us play during practices and they would have a blast jammin out with us. My wife is the same, she loves to watch and liten to us play. She is also one of my best critics, and the band's. She can tell when I am having an off day, and will mention it, in a polite way. Like I said also I support her dreams, she owns her own lanscaping company, which started out as a hobby and now she is a very successful business person who is much in demand. It is certainly and give and take life we all live. Keep at it though, if you play, they will come...The biggest high in the world for me is playing live to an audience, nothing better...
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