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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

It's amazing that so many other topics have been brought from just mentioning Buddy. Here are my two cents:

Buddy - Best Drumset player EVER!!!!!! He was a complete original and the ultimate virtuoso on his instrument. Plus, if you watch his many video clips, I think he actually got better as he got older. His technique in his later years is absolutely perfect!! Louis Bellson said that there would probably be nobody better technically than him. Now I know that guys like Vinnie and Virgil have raised the bar in many ways but COME ON!! I can't think of a cooler drum solo than Buddy on "West Side" or anything else for that matter. His playing will be analyzed and (more importantly) enjoyed forever!

It's great that drummers like Travis and Joey are influencing younger guys to get better. That's the only way we can keep this great thing called "drumming" going in the United States. But for me, Buddy is still at the top.
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