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Default Homogenous Blend A Must-Family>Music>Career

A post I saw earlier prompted me to start this thread. This is a subject that could become a very long posting and I will just try to keep it as short as possible. I guess the jist of this topic from my perspective is that at times it can become very, very difficult to maintain a homogenous blend of family, music and a career because all are very demanding and all can interfere significantly with each other. I have seen a ton of musicians who have had to leave bands, quit playing or are always in the doghouse due to conflict. I myself gave up playing for about ten years to get my kids raised and it was very difficult but something I felt I had to do. My wife never pressured me into giving up playing, actually it was just the opposite with my wife and kids, they have always supported my musical endeavors 200%.
Which is probably the reason we have been married over 23 years because she did and obviously still does support my dreams, as I do hers. This could be a very touchy subject but just curious as to some of the experiences you may be able to relate to and possibly share for the benefit of us all.

The above is one of the reasons I am very hesitant to get involved in a project with younger musicians who are married or who are married with young kids. I have committed to a few bands just to have it all go south when we started to gig out and they are away from home/family. Or who are always in a pissed off state of mind because they are in the doghouse because of playing. I believe the key is to have a supportive significant other, otherwise it is almost guaranteed to get ugly at some point (at home). I am very curious how this thread will be taken....Positive or Neagtive....Or at all....
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