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Default Re: Kicking out our bassist

If you want to succeed then you've got to do what you got to do. There is no choice. It's a relentless business and you have to make tough decisions.
My first band started off OK. We had lead and rhythm guitars and a bass player/singer who had been in quite a popular band.

As time went on he came to tick just about all the boxes above, including turning up late and drunk for gigs, not remembering the words; he had to read from crib cards and he had no idea of the meaning of the word "key". Also he didn't like being counted in.

So we unanimously decided that if we were going to get anywhere he had to go or else we might as well pack the band up. We tackled him about it one night at rehearsal. He turned up late and we'd already been going for half an hour!
There was a lot of shouting and bad language, there was almost a fight. But he went!
We did better after that, the rhythm guy took over bass and singing and we settled down well.
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