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Default Re: Kicking out our bassist

Wow, good stories everyone. It is strange that many seem to involve bassists. Where are all the Victor Wootens and Avishai Cohens?

I'm not sure our current position at the moment. Our band leader e-mailed the bassist in question an ultimatum: our band 100%, or out. The bassist had tried to protest that he wasn't non-committal, Sunday was the "only day" he could record with this other band. But he has known for months that Sunday is our regular slot and booked the recording session anyway, knowing full well he'd have to cancel the practice.

It must have been hard for him to be fair, since the four "core" members have been friends for years and he is trying to come in from the outside, but you'd think people in that situation would try harder to impress. No offence to the younger guys on here, but maybe 19 is too young for many people to understand what commitment is. I'm only 24, and only just beginning to understand what is needed.
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