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Relax. Play music, say something, and take your time building something on the kit. It is a mental issue. Sounds like you're riding an unnecessary emotional wave and climaxing prematurely so to speak. Relax and breathe. Relax and have fun exploring your ideas on the kit and don't feel pressure to be an instant "crowd pleaser" (by just playing fast loud stuff). Relaxing is the key, and I hope this helps.


Oh, Christ....look at that. I did that one gig with that guy. Hey, it was a gig! And I knew some of the dudes in the band. That was at a giant food festival. I wanna say '92-'93 for that. Yikes. Well, glad the dvd is helping!

To you Canadian drummers out there: Doing a clinic on March 14th and doing 5 dates with Gowan. The Gowan dates are Fallsview, Sherebrook, Montreal, Quebec City. Clinic info below. Come out and say hi!


The Arts Music Store
Monday, March 14th 7pm
Royal Canadian Legion
707 Srigley St. Newmarket, Ont.
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