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Default Re: Kicking out our bassist

Not a bassist story, but a "not meant to be" story nonetheless.

Three or four weeks ago, my three-piece band decided to upgrade to a four or five-piece band, becoming a larger instrumental or a full band respectively. We still have the guitarist (grew up in the Nashville area playing Deathmetal and other regional music), but the guitarist/vocalist we also invited to play wasn't cut out to be in the group.

He couldn't tune his guitar, and he never actually sang. He inadvertently took over rehearsals (inadvertently meaning that he's more of a leader, and we already had a sort of order to things), and continually suggested music that none of us had heard of nor enjoyed. He had very little, if any, understanding of musical terminology and theory, so having him 'jam' with us was more of a time-consuming burden than anything else.

And the problem was, he was a great guy and a good friend of mine. Obviously I wasn't the one who called him to kick him out.

So, now we're an instrumental four-piece, and I'm pretty sure we're all enjoying it thoroughly.
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