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Default Re: Kicking out our bassist

I have a "wasn't meant to be" story.

It was actually myself. Last summer I played with some folks that I just ended up not gelling with.

They all were content to play tiny churches in the middle of nowhere. I knew the context of the music when I joined; I had no problem with that. They just wanted to do cheesy covers instead of their pretty decent originals. The setlists had about 2 or 3 originals in it. They also were trying to appeal mostly to kids. I wanted to play something a little more mature.

I also tried several times to tell the other members about places around town that would have us, but they never pursued it. Also, I was the only person in the band that could read music. Do you know what it's like to be the drummer and try to explain time signatures and such to 2 guitarists? One of whom claimed to be a drummer.
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