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Default Kicking out our bassist

It's never easy, but sometimes, it's just necessary.

Our bass player's a young lad of 19, and plays a lot of guitar as well. We're not even sure he considers himself a bassist; he hadn't heard of many of the greats, and doesn't practice very much. He certainly can't read music, and two weeks in a row we had to take time out of our rehearsal to teach him a bass part for which he's had the material for weeks. He didn't even know what a triplet was. Not really something you want from a bassist.

Anyway, for the second time in a row he's pulled out of our regular rehearsal slot to record with his other band which, to sound utterly harsh, is a kiddy outfit with absolutely no future. Now, I don't have any problem with people pursuing all the projects they want, good and bad, but he knows we regularly rehearse on Sundays, and committed to this recording session anyway. On top of that, he used Facebook to "let us know", and didn't bother to e-mail the whole band, even when asked to.

The fact that he's not actually very good just takes away our tolerance really. The rest of the band are on a much higher level, and we shouldn't have to put up with shoddy commitment from new members (he's only been with us a few months).

It's a shame because he's a nice enough lad, but when the pieces don't fit....

Does anyone else have any "wasn't meant to be" member stories?
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