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Originally Posted by Pimento View Post
Now what are your opinions on childrens dance studios.....kidding :P

Thanks for the reply man, gonna order a set of these babies, just cant find em on musicians friend lol.
They should have them...they had them as a "musicians friend special" about a month ago.

Originally Posted by Lex View Post
I wonder whether people have already commented on this, or not..

I like your harcut in that video. :) As much as I like your playing.

Thanks.............I think! Haha.

Originally Posted by sonorplayer View Post
hi Derek,

I heard that when you buy the Axis AL-2 new that the pedal comes with drum lugs like on the new A21 instead of the old allen keys. Can you tell me if that's right?


I think so brotha.....don't quote me on that but, I do believe they switched all their pedals over.
Makes sense to me.

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