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Default Re: How are analog formats doing?

Originally Posted by BassDriver View Post
The information on a CD is a digital file format BTW.
Well yeah... smart guy. Just kidding, I kind of had a feeling there would be a hang up with that statement of mine.

I was kind of referring to this push that tech companies are making to store everything in their cloud system. I just don't trust them; not in the context of big brother, they know where you are, etc. They've easily had the information on a large majority of the population for the last ten years, at least. I just don't trust them in regards to their capabilities to have that information for the next twenty or thirty years and not screw it up in some way. At least if I have a hard copy CD, cassette, or record, it'd be up to me to screw it up. If I've got something stored on someone else's server, there's just more of a chance for something to go wrong.

And just a random prediction, I wouldn't be surprised if in maybe ten or fifteen years down the line people start referring to CDs as analog as well. One of those generational things.
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